Thursday, June 7, 2007

Free Stars! (and baseball)

First off, sorry about the lack of posts. Seems the wireless I steal from has been malfunctioning, leaving me sad and on my lonesome with no internet connection (luckily I am in the midst of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Brilliant piece of work, I recommend it, but I digress).

While two blocks from my apartment at this very moment are Leo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet filming their new movie, I had an even BIGGER star encounter today that I had to share with you all. In case you haven't noticed, I am quite the broadway junkie. I'm obsessed with the shows, the stars, the music and haven't shut up about spring awakening since I first saw it in December, just ask Anthony. Being a new yorker (and a regular viewer of seinfeld) I've heard of the famed Broadway summer softball league where cast, crew and tech of shows battle it out for the jockiest of the theatre dorks. Long have I wished to happen upon a game, to see a star walking by, John Gallagher Jr. (soon to be TONY winner) with a bat poised casually over his shoulder (shit, I digress again!) but never did I believe I'd actually find it. WELL my friends, today I was sitting at Columbus circle taking lunch break from a conference with my new friend Melissa when a woman walking her dog wearing a Grey Gardens shirt walked by. Now this was not your ordinary Gray Gardens shirt, no no no, it was a three quarter length sleeve shirt with buttons. AKA, a baseball shirt. I thought I hallucinated and moved on until a similarly dressed woman walked by, this time with a shirt emblazoned with WICKED across the front. Melissa, I say, we have to follow her, I think she's going to the broadway summer softball league!

I literally thought I had died and gone to heaven. Laid out before my very eyes were SIX, SIX fields full of my favorite broadway shows! Company v Frost/ Nixon, Merry Poppins versus Legally Blonde. Ladies and Gentlemen, I was overcome with joy! THEN I spent about 20 minutes talking to the guy who plays Zazu from the Lion King getting the details, turns out games are every Thursday in the park (ask for the baseball fields closest to columbus circle) they start at 11 and go to around 3. When I inquired to the whereabouts of spring awakening, he said they already played as the newer shows tend to go on the fields earlier because they "supposedly" (his words) have less rehearsals. Well my friends, if you are bored on a Thursday and looking for the perfect harmony of music, theater and the all american past time, look no further than central park. I may call in sick and be there too!

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